Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is is an innovative online website builder that utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist users in building high-quality, professional websites instantly.

2. How much does it cost to use SitesGPT?

Our basic plan is completely free! With this, you get a home page hosted on the domain (e.g., However, we also offer upgraded plans with premium features and dedicated, custom domain names (e.g, at an additional cost.

3. What features are included in the free plan?

The free plan includes AI-powered website design, hosting on the domain, and basic templates to get your website up and running.

4. What are the advantages of upgrading to a premium plan?

Upgraded plans come with a plethora of benefits including a dedicated domain name, additional pages, premium design templates, advanced SEO tools, higher bandwidth and storage, priority customer support, and more.

5. How does the AI website builder work?

Our AI-powered builder asks you a few questions about your site's purpose, preferences, and content. Based on your answers, the AI then creates a tailored website, optimizing design and user experience.

6. Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, if you're on one of our premium plans, you can use a dedicated domain name of your choice. You can purchase you domain name right here on SitesGPT or you can point a domain from another provider to your sites built on SitesGPT.

7. What happens if I decide to cancel my premium subscription?

If you choose to cancel, your website will revert to the free plan. Your content will remain, but some premium features and your dedicated domain will be deactivated.

8. How secure is my website with SitesGPT?

We prioritize your site's security. All SitesGPT websites come with SSL certification and we regularly update our systems to protect against potential security threats.

9. Can I edit my website after the AI has built it?

Absolutely! While our AI provides a strong foundation for your site, you have complete control to edit, modify, and customize as you see fit right within your personal dashboard.

10. Are there any content restrictions on my website?

Yes, we prohibit content related to pornographic topics, human trafficking, illegal drugs, prostitution, and any other illegal goods or services. Please refer to our terms & conditions for detailed information.

11. Does SitesGPT offer customer support?

Yes, all users can access our help center and FAQ. Premium plan subscribers receive priority customer support, ensuring quicker response times.

12. Can I migrate my existing website to SitesGPT?

Currently, we don't offer direct migration tools. However, you can easily recreate and enhance your website using our AI builder.

13. Do I need any technical or coding skills to use SitesGPT?

Not at all! Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and requires no coding or technical skills. SitesGPT does all the work!

14. How do I get started?

Simply answer a few questions about your desired website, and let our AI do the rest! Click here to get started.

15. Can I add e-commerce features to my site?

Yes, if you are currently using an e-commerce platform such as Shopify, BigCommerce, OpenCart, etc.; simply specify the URL of your existing store and SitesGPT will integrate your products into your new website.